The Heartbeat of San Francisco

JULY 1-31, 2017

Bring a visible heartbeat of life to San Francisco.  

This July, you can offer hope and help to young women facing crisis pregnancies by participating in our fifth annual Heartbeat of San Francisco. This one-month campaign gives people an opportunity to show women experiencing unplanned pregnancy that they are loved, supported, and cared for. Heartbeat displays, with heartbeat cards hooked onto them, will be displayed in local churches and businesses throughout the Bay Area. Each heartbeat card lists a specific service that families facing unplanned pregnancy need and shows the amount of money it costs for us to provide that service. Participants have the opportunity to select the service they'd like to sponsor, then send their sponsorship to Alpha Pregnancy Center.

To send your sponsorship online, click on any of the dollar amounts below.

Provide one package of diapers.

Provide one pregnancy test and pregnancy options counseling session.

Provide for one woman to complete our HOPE (Healing of Post-Abortion Emotions) Group.

Provide one month of free supplies.

Provide one year of in-depth case management.

Protect the life of one unborn child.

Provide one ultrasound.

So you've sponsored a service for a family in need!

Give yourself a pat on the back and a great big bear hug from us to you. We are SO thankful that you are partnering with us to offer hope and help to women and families facing unplanned pregnancy.

We still need your help, though. Maybe your church isn't already a host site for the Heartbeat of San Francisco. Maybe your work place would permit you to set up a heartbeat display. Maybe your favorite coffee shop, book store, or other local business would consider displaying a heart in their storefront. Can you help us get more folks on board and get San Francisco's heart beating for life? To make things as easy as possible for our host sites, we'll provide posters, heartbeat displays, heartbeat cards, remittance envelopes, and even drop-offs and pick-ups if necessary. For additional information, call 415.584.6800 or email