The Heartbeat of San Francisco

JULY 1-31, 2017

Bring a visible heartbeat of life to San Francisco.  

There are two easy steps to participate in The Heartbeat of
San Francisco

1. SELECT the service you’d like to sponsor for a family.

2. SEND your sponsorship to Alpha Pregnancy Center. 

Click on any of the dollar amounts below to give your
sponsorship online.


Pays for one package of diapers given during a client visit.

Provides one pregnancy test and session of pregnancy options counseling.

Pays for one woman to complete our HOPE (Healing of Post-Abortion Emotions) Group—or another one of our 8 classes. 


Pays for one family to receive a months worth of free supplies. 

Gives one year of in depth case management for one family—allowing the family to find housing, employment, and child care.

Protects the life of one unborn child.


Jasmine and her boyfriend came into our office for an ultrasound. On Jasmine’s birthday, she went to a different clinic for a pregnancy test, and was planning to have an abortion that same day. While on her way into the clinic a person handed her information about our center. After learning she was 11 weeks pregnant, she decided to come see us before making a choice.

After her intake at Alpha, Jasmine asked her boyfriend to be present for the ultrasound. As Ranelle (our RN) was performing the abdominal scan, the boyfriend nervously asked, “Are you a Christian?” And continued, “Because we are. And we’re so confused. We weren’t ready for a baby, but we don’t know what to do.” Ranelle shared with him the best way to look at this situation is through God’s perspective, and led him to read Psalm 139, and Jeremiah 1.5. His heart was softened, and it was clear the Holy Spirit was touching his heart.

Ranelle showed the couple the image of the baby on the ultrasound screen. Jasmine’s boyfriend responded immediately, “Well, that settles it, we’re going to keep this baby.” Jasmine confidently agreed.


Here's a way you can help women like Jasmine:

This July, you can offer that assurance and hope to couples just like this by participating in our second annual Heartbeat of San Francisco.  This one month campaign gives people an opportunity to show women facing unplanned pregnancy that they are cared for and supported. Heartbeat displays will be placed in local businesses and churches through the Bay Area with heartbeat cards tied to them. Each heartbeat card lists a specific service that families facing unplanned pregnancy need, and gives the amount it costs to provide that service. People have the opportunity to select a service and send a donation with the corresponding card, and know they are taking action to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. 

Will you ask your church to be a host site for the 2016 Heartbeat of San Francisco?

Maybe there’s a coffee shop you frequent that would gladly be a host site for the Heartbeat of San Francisco, or even your own office might permit you to set up a display. We’ll provide the display, cards, and remittance envelopes along with short announcements you can share with your congregation. A second page is included that will give more details on the display that will be given to you. We’re having an open house on June 28 from 11 AM-2PM. That will be a great time to pick up the display, cards, and posters to take to your church or other Heartbeat host sites.