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Alpha Pregnancy Center is a licensed community care clinic offering pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

Through our medical services and education, we provide you with the support and answers you need regarding your sexual health. Your health and well-being are important to us. Pregnancy, especially one that is unplanned, can cause confusion and stress. We know that you may be facing a life changing choice and our staff is here to help walk you through your options. Our registered nurse and support staff are highly trained and dedicated to meeting your health care needs. We are here to offer you a safe place to ask questions and get answers.

Alpha Pregnancy Center desires to equip patients with the information necessary to make positive choices for their lives. We are dedicated to the highest standard of medical care in a comforting, supportive atmosphere, and hundreds of women and men rely on us each year.  

What to expect during your free and professional appointment:

  • You’ll meet with a Registered Nurse (RN), who will perform a pregnancy test, provide you with pregnancy test results, and review your medical history.
  • Following a positive pregnancy test, a Sonographer may perform an ultrasound in order to confirm pregnancy viability and learn the length of gestation.
  • Once your free pregnancy test and ultrasound exam are complete, the RN will provide you with information based on your personal goals, address your questions and concerns regarding pregnancy and your choices, and may schedule a follow-up appointment.  

To schedule an appointment call 415.584.6800, email info@alphapc.org, or click the button below.

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