Walk for Life (6 of 13).png

You can raise support for participating in the Walk for Life two ways: 

1)  On

  • Here’s an example of how one walker is using crowdrise.
  • Here’s an example of how another walker is using crowdrise.

2)  With a printed support form

Feel free to do both, or choose one that works best for you and the people supporting you. 

Participants that raise over $150 are given a free T-shirt.

Tips for Raising Support:

  • Sponsor yourself.
  • Ask your family members.  
  • Ask some of your close friends
  • Tell your co-workers what you are doing.
  • Encourage members of your church to support you.
  • Ask some local merchants to support the families of San Francisco by sponsoring you in the Walk for Life.
  • Make a request to your boss or company to match what you raise.
  • Ask the manager of the coffee shop you frequent or restaurant you go to regularly to keep the tips one shift to support you.
  • Pray.  God knows all our needs before we ask.  He provides for the birds of the sky and flowers of the field, surely He’ll provide for His children.