1/2 of pregnancies are unplanned.

1/3 of women in the USA have an abortion.

The number 1 reason women report for choosing abortion is financial difficulty.

San Francisco has an abortion rate 40% higher than the national average. 

Alpha Pregnancy Center provides the physical, emotional, and spiritual support women need when facing an unplanned pregnancy,
empowering them to choose life. 

The free services and supplies offered to all clients include:

Pregnancy Services:
Pregnancy Options Education, Pregnancy Testing, Ultrasounds, Prenatal Care Referrals

Case Management:
Insurance, Medical Care, Housing, Employment, Child Care

Prenatal Care, Parenting, Child Behavior, Breastfeeding, Potty Training, Life Skills, Money Management, Marriage Enrichment, Healing of Post Abortion Emotions

Free Supplies:
Diapers, Baby Wipes, Formula, Baby Food, Maternity and Children's Clothes, Car Seats, Strollers, Cribs, Etc.


The Alpha Pregnancy Center Walk for Life is a day for us to join together and help families that are facing the difficult situation of an unexpected pregnancy, or raising children as a result of those pregnancies.

Like any fundraising walk, participants walk to raise funding and awareness for a cause they are passionate about. In this case, it is making sure that families experiencing a surprise pregnancy have everything they need to keep and raise their child with abundant love. Unlike other fundraising walks, Alpha Pregnancy Center's Walk for Life allows participants to deliver care packages to the families supported through our ministry.

This is so much more than walking in a circle! It is an opportunity for your heart to connect with what women and men face when they raise a child born from an unexpected pregnancy. It is an opportunity to follow God’s call to His people to love justice and mercy, to be compassionate to the fatherless, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

The Walk for Life offers three major benefits to the participants and the community:

  1. Our clients get an extra touch of God’s love and see even more clearly Christ’s character when receiving these hand delivered gift bags.
  2. The walkers become more directly involved in ministering to women and families that have been effected by a crisis pregnancy.
  3. Alpha Pregnancy Center gains funds allowing us to extend our services to more people in a more thorough manor.