We want to help you be the best parent you can be.  We offer eight classes to empower our clients through their journey as parents.  Each class is taught three times a year.   Spanish and Mandarin Translation available for most classes.


Classes Offered

Please notify Alpha Pregnancy Center more than a week in advance if you need language translation or child care during these classes.

Prenatal class (Meets once a week for five weeks)

Learn what to expect during each trimester of your pregnancy, how to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually during your pregnancy, and how to take care of your pre-born baby. Students are also taught what to expect at doctor visits and questions they should be asking their doctor. Learn what will happen during the delivery and decide what delivery setting will work best for you. Meet other parents also expecting a baby, and learn from each other’s experience as well as from your teacher.


Parenting class (Meets once a week for ten weeks)

Learn the basic skills needed to get you through you first year as a parent and what to expect as your child continues to grow. You will be taught information about health care, home safety, child sleeping patterns, discipline, and more. You will learn from a teacher with four of her own children as well as from interaction with your classmates. This is the place to ask the questions you’ve always wanted answers to about raising your children.


Child Behavior class (Meets once a week for three weeks)

There are reasons your child behaves the way they do. There are encouraging ways you can help improve your child’s behavior. This class focuses on preparing you to handle temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, and disrespect. You will learn to teach your children how to do the right thing the first time.


Potty Training class (A two hour class, taught three times a year)

Potty training your child will save you money and time. It also gives your child confidence and independence. Most pre-schools require that children be potty trained. Learn strategies to make this a fun transition for your child.


Money Management class (A two hour class, taught three times a year)

Learn how to make your money do more. Prioritize your spending. Save for your goals. Get help creating a realistic budget. And learn what God has to say about finances.


Healing of Post Abortion Emotions / HOPE (Meets once a week for eleven weeks)

Women that have had an abortion frequently experience strong emotions, substance abuse, and eating disorders. If you’ve had an abortion and live with shame or regret, join us for this weekly group to be set free from your past. We will encourage one another, and heal the wounds in our hearts.


Day and time are confidential. Contact our office for scheduling: (415) 584-6800 |

Life Coaching (Meets once a week for ten weeks)

Does the Bible apply to our lives today? Attend this class to gain timeless wisdom on health, sexuality, work ethic, time management, forgiveness, and relationships.


Marriage Enrichment class (Meets once a week, on going group)

Rekindle your romance. Understand and be understood by your spouse. Develop loving ways of communication. Begin respecting one another. This is fun group to meet with other married couples, grow from one another’s experiences, and get insight and wisdom from a wonderful mentor couple.