Layette Delivery Team

When one of the moms we work with has a baby, we deliver a gift of brand new items to her home.  This is a huge help to them, as it is difficult to take the bus with a newborn to our center to get the items they need, then carry the baby and the care package home.  One of our volunteers has described the layette deliveries as a baby shower on wheels.  

Delivering these gifts is a great opportunity for families, couples, friends, or small groups to encourage mom’s who don’t have a supportive community around them.  You’ll get the joy of meeting and praying for a new baby, and the mom will feel the supported because of your visit.  Deliveries can be scheduled with the new mom at a time that is convenient for you both.  

Contact us for an application and to set up a time for a 30 minute training, then you can get started being a part of this exciting way to bring the peace of Christ to new mom’s.