Featured Speaker

Ron Archer



Ron Archer is a living example of what it means to overcome. In fact, he never should have been born. His mother was a seventeen-year-old prostitute who became pregnant with a “trick baby.” After multiple failed back alley abortion attempts, Ron emerged into the world prematurely, with no pancreas, weak lungs, an an under-developed bladder, unable to function properly. And that was only the beginning. Ron continued to struggle through his childhood, victim to a debilitating speech impediment, a severe learning disability, and ongoing sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. At age ten, he decided to put a loaded snub-nose revolver to his head and pull the trigger. The gun didn’t fire. His life began changing for the better when his fourth grade teacher taught him about God, told him that God did not make a mistake in making him, and showed him all the similarly dysfunctional characters God used in the Bible, saying, “Ronaldo, God uses greatly those who have been wounded very deeply. He will turn your pain into power, your wounds into wisdom, and your mess into a message.”