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The Heartbeat of San Francisco

JULY 1-31, 2018

Our heart beats for the city of San Francisco, its families, its mothers, and its children.

We're able to love them well, serve them well, and support them well because people like you never miss a beat in responding to the needs around you.

Every. Single. Service. That we offer to our clients is completely free of charge because someone like you decided to respond and sponsor a service.

Read what happens when you sponsor an ultrasound.

Olivia walked into our clinic having experienced an unplanned pregnancy and abortion two years prior and dreading the possibility of reliving one of the most difficult experiences of her life.

We gave her a space to tell her story, to mourn her loss, and to share her pain freely for the first time since her abortion. "There is forgiveness, healing, and support available for last time," we assured her, "and there is hope, help, and community available for this time. You don't have to do it all alone anymore."

With her burden lightened and her spirit lifted, we continued with her consultation, test, and ultrasound. When offered the opportunity to view the ultrasound screen, she eagerly jumped at the chance, explaining that she had previously been denied this: "Before my abortion, they also gave me an ultrasound, but they turned the screen so I couldn't see anything, and they turned on the faucet so I couldn't hear anything."

Her words trailed off as she fixed her gaze on the ultrasound screen before her, awestruck by this glimpse of life within her, enamored by the tiny beating heart of her seven-week-old baby. "This has made all the difference."

Make the difference for a woman like Olivia by sponsoring an ultrasound today.

Sponsor one pregnancy test and pregnancy options consultation.

Sponsor one class.

Sponsor one year of in-depth case management.

Sponsor one ultrasound.

Sponsor one year of material assistance.

Sponsor the launch of our STD testing program.

Send your sponsorship online, by text (415-8ALPHA0), or by mail (Alpha Pregnancy Center, 5070 Mission St, SF, CA 94112)

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