Client Services

These volunteers get the blessing of being the first people to great our clients and bring peace to the women we serve.  Client services volunteers are thoroughly trained to offer case management and/or pregnancy options counseling to women Alpha Pregnancy Center serves.   

Counselors have the unique opportunity to guide a woman through the delicate choice of responding to an unplanned pregnancy and the joy of celebrating the life she is carrying.  

Case Managers are able to assist these women in finding housing, health care, employment and make sure their needs are met to care for themselves and their child.  

Contact us for an application and to see when the next training is.  If you’d like to start right away, good preparation for offering client services is to serve as an office assistant and transfer to client services after your training is complete.   For more information about how you can be an essential part of protecting life and supporting families as a case manager or counselor, contact our office.